Plant Monitor

A capacitive moisture meter with temperature and relative humidity measurement. Compatible with micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Pico and most microcontroller boards.

Plant Monitor

Plant Monitor

Plant Monitor

Plant Monitor

Plant Monitor

Where to Buy

You can buy the Plant Monitor directly from the following retailers.

Australia - CD Soft

Belgium - RATO Education BV

Canada -

Canada - Robotshop

Denmark - PodConsult

France - Go Tronic

Norway - Fybikon AS

South Africa - Barend

The Netherlands - Elektor

UK - Pimoroni Ltd

UK - The Pi Hut

UK - Kitronik Ltd


UK - Cool Components Ltd


USA - Adafruit


Plant Monitor

Monitor soil moisture, temperature and relative humidity measurement with the Plant Monitor. This board is compatible with the BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi , Pico, Pico W and most microcontroller boards.

  • Alligator / croc clip rings
  • Ready soldered header pins for your choice of microcontroller.
  • Easy to use UART serial interface
  • Additional analog output for moisture only
  • Built-in RGB LED



Instructions (All Platforms)

Instructions (micro:bit)

Instructions (Raspberry Pi)

Instructions (Pico)

Instructions (Arduino)


Adafruit Guide

Hi Res Images (Google File Share)

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