Servo Kit for micro:bit

This kit containing three 9g servo motors also includes alligator leads a battery box and the MonkMakes Servo for micro:bit adapter.

Servo Kit for micro:bit

Servo Kit for micro:bit

Servo Kit for micro:bit

Servo Kit for micro:bit

Servo Kit for micro:bit

Where to Buy

You can buy the Servo Kit for micro:bit directly from the following retailers.

Australia - CD Soft

Australia - Education Technology Specialists

Australia - Perfect Gold Pty Ltd T/as Small Devices

Australia - Core Electronics

Belgium - RATO Education BV

Canada - Robotshop

Canada -

Canada - Robotix

Denmark - Frederiksen Scientific A/S

France - Go Tronic

France - OKdo France - for website

Germany - OKdo Germany - for website

Italy - OKdo Italy - for website

Norway - Daisy AS

Norway - Fybikon AS

Norway - Fredriksen Scientific (NO)

Sweden -


UK - Kitronik Ltd

UK - Cool Components Ltd

UK - The Pi Hut

UK - Okdo

UK - RS Components UK


USA - OKdo USA - for website

USA - Eduporium


Servo Kit for micro:bit

The Servo Kit for micro:bit makes it easy to connect up three servomotors (included) to your micro:bit. Not only that, the kit also comes with a battery box and a booklet showing you how to use servomotors with the BBC micro:bit.

Just add a micro:bit and batteries and away you go!


micro:bit version compatability


Datasheet (PDF)

Instructions (PDF)

Hi Res Images (Google File Share)

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