Programming ESP32

Programming ESP32

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Programming ESP32

This book will teach you Python programming and some basic electronics without assuming any prior knowledge of either subject. The book initially focusses on Python programming, building up a Morse Code example.

The book is suitable for most ESP32 boards, but concentrates on the most popular  ESP32 Lite and the ESP32 DevKit 1. In the chapters on electronics, breadboard layouts  are provided for both of these boards.

Discover how to:

  • Flash Python firmware onto an ESP32 board Install and use the Thonny Python editor and upload programs on to your ESP32
  • Write simple programs to control the ESP32 in Python
  • Structure you programs with functions and modules
  • Make effective use of Python Lists and Dictionaries
  • Attach sensors, LEDs, displays and servomotors  to an ESP32 and to program them
  • Make use of the ESP32s WiFi capabilities to use the ESP32 as a web server and to call web services on the Internet



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